Shawn Layden has joined Streamline Media Group’s advisory board. The former PlayStation executive will advise the company on its global strategy for video games and enterprise.

On July 27, Streamline Media Group shared the news on its official website.

According to the company’s CEO Alexander Fernandez, Layden is joining the company at a time when “the lines between media, entertainment, technology, and video games have converged into the Metaverse. Now is the time to build a sustainable structure around it that progresses the evolution of business models and welcomes more people, voices, and talent to shape it.”

Before joining Streamline Media Group, Shawn Layden served as the chairman of PlayStation Worldwide Studios. He also was CEO of SIE America, helping launch a few generations of PlayStation consoles over the last two decades. He left Sony in 2019 after working at the company for 34 years.

Layden thinks that “interactive gaming’s second epoch” is ending, and we’re now at a breakout point. “The industry is ripe for disruption,” he said. “It’s time for someone to come in, break the wheel, and let more people participate”

With Layden’s appointment, Streamline Media Group also announced its global expansion into the US market. The company will have a new headquarters in Las Vegas, planning to hire more developers and software engineers.

Streamline Media Group, founded in 2011 in The Netherlands, initially focused on outsourcing, testing, and providing other studios with different services. The company has now shifted towards developing its own original IPs.

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