The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is now also a game publisher, as it has released its first game. ITALY. Land of Wonders is a mobile puzzle adventure, which lets people explore the country’s art and culture.

According to the official announcement, ITALY. Land of Wonders is “aimed at bringing the cultural heritage and wonders of Italy to a worldwide audience in general, and to young people in particular.”

The game will tell the story of old lighthouse keeper Elio who lights up the sun that will shine bright over the country. On their journey, players will go through more than 100 levels, each one featuring a 3D reconstruction of an iconic Italian landmark, and meet five guardians who will help them discover Italian cuisine, art, design, and other sectors of the country’s heritage. The project also has a score inspired by Italian classic music.

“We are engaging with a younger audience with ITALY. Land of Wonders and it is our objective to engage people from all over the world and to get them interested in our country and its beauties, creating a sense of familiarity that can guide them, one day, to the actual discovery of our territories and our products,” said Lorenzo Angeloni, Director General for Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

ITALY. Land of Wonders is now officially available on iOS for free, with an Android release on the way. The game is also localized into 11 languages.

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