Noclip has released a new hour-long documentary on the making of the Demon’s Souls remake for PlayStation 5. In the video, Bluepoint Games discuss the process of turning an iconic classic into a modern game, as well as its own approach to remaking old titles.

“We take gameplay pieces of the code base, and we’re able to basically plug those and integrate those into our engine,” Bluepoint CTO Peter Dalton said about the studio’s innovative approach that allows it to connect a modern AAA engine with the original gameplay mechanics.

Bluepoint Games also wanted to make games more approachable for a wider audience by adding extra UI and trying to make the game’s lore more visible. Speaking of other changes, developers decided to teach players about Demon’s Souls mechanics right in the beginning, so they won’t have to go to the game’s Wiki for basic tips.

The studio made some monsters and bosses bigger, so they would feel more realistic. The Demon’s Souls remake also includes new details and destructible objects, which makes the world more vital and interactive.

You can watch Noclip’s documentary below, where Bluepoint Games discuss the process of rebuilding the world of Boletaria, upgrading in-game physics and camera, as well as making other changes and trying to save the soul of the original game at the same time.

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