As part of WN Dev Contest, we are discussing the industry with the jury members. In this installment, we catch up with Piotr Karbowski, CEO at CreativeForge Games (part of PalyWay group).


Piotr Karbowski

WN Dev Contest is a competition for Unreal Engine game developers. It’s held by WN Media Group in collaboration with Unreal Engine and Reboot Develop.

GWO: What are the main mistakes fledgling developers can make when working on a game?

Piotr: Overcomplicating the game, and taking on projects that are too big, or developing projects that don’t have any chance of success.

Developers often want to make a game of their dreams, something phenomenally big. Another Witcher or The Elder Scrolls. How do publishers view these ambitions, should they be encouraged?

It’s best if the developers carefully study the example of a few teams that were going down the same road as they are. Unfortunately, in most cases, as we know, if it’s your first game or even the second one, this [taking on a big project] is a wrong road to take.

There are many publishing companies on the market. Each offers its own set of functions/responsibilities. What is publishing for you?

In our case, each contract is tailored to the developer. Sometimes it is only financing, sometimes full marketing without investment in development.

Is it important for you as a publisher that the developer that has signed with you should implement your workflows and processes?

It is important to us that the developer can provide a monthly account of all the work they have done and pass each milestone on time. 

What kind of game are you looking for at the contest?

One-man studio, unique game, not a platformer. Or several people studios open for new projects.