Control has exceeded 2 million copies sold, according to Remedy’s financial report for 2020. The company also managed to surpass €40 million in annual revenue.


Remedy shared the news with its investors in financial statements. In 2020, the company’s operating profit equaled €13.2 million (growth of 102% year-over-year), while its revenue reached $41.1 million (growth of $29.8% year-over-year).

Control became the main driver of growth for Remedy. The company released two DLCs and brought the game on Steam, Amazon Luna, and Nintendo Switch. It all helped the title’s sales surpass two million copies.

Last year, Remedy also signed publishing deals with Epic Games who will fully fund the development of two games based on the company’s own IPs. The revenue will be shared 50/50.

Besides the financial results, Remedy shared its strategy for the next five years. The company plans to create a few successful games, and at least one of them is expected to become a hit. Throughout the period, it also hopes to own at least three growing game brands.

While fans are looking forward to the studio’s next announced projects, Remedy seems to be on the rise. The company is now in a stable state financially as it is about to find the right commercial model for its future games, including self-publishing and working with other companies.