Finland-based mobile game analytics platform GameRefinery has announced its new Player Motivations and Archetypes features.

The company interviewed more than 10,000 gamers and identified eight player archetypes based on their motivations: Expressionist, King of the Hill, Networker, Skill Master, Strategist, Thinker, Thrill Seeker and Treasure Hunter.


“A first in the world of mobile game feature analytics, the new tool gives mobile game developers, investors, and marketers unparalleled insight into the different types of people that are playing mobile games. Each one of the hundreds of thousands of games being tracked on the GameRefinery platform now contains in-depth data on which of the eight available player archetypes the game appeals to, as well as providing a list of different motivations,” the company explained via a press release.

“Developers can then identify specific game features across all App Store games that attract certain types of players/archetypes, such as in-game design capabilities, brainteasers, treasure hunts, strategy, etc.”

The new toolset is already available to users as an additional paid feature.


Insight into motivations and preferences of the Thinker player archetype