Copenhagen, Denmark-based mobile gaming company Multiscription has announced Unleashd, a subscription service for free-to-play games.


The subscription does not replace, but complement the monetization methods already integrated in free-to-play games, so it won’t affect the existing revenue streams from IAPs and rewarded videos.

For publishers, getting on the platform means turning a much larger part of their player base into payers.

For subscribers, Unleashed will unlock a host of exclusive content, “spanning anything from unique power-ups, boosts or in-game items, to events and game content.” All of this free of disruptive advertising.

Publishers and developers can participate by integrating the Unleashd SDK in their games.  Mulitscription offers help in designing a unique offer for subscribers.

There are currently over 50 titles on the service from more than 40 publishers including Nitro Games, Amuzo, Full HP, and Northplay.

VentureBeat explains the revenue share model offered by Unleashed:

Publishers share 50% of the subscription revenue, which is split in two ways; Firstly Multiscription allocates $1/month conversion bonus for each player that subscribes through publisher’s games, which is allocated for as long as the player stays subscribed even if they move away from the original game completely.


The remaining share — dubbed Engagement Based Revenue Share — is distributed based on how much time each subscriber spends in each game on Unleashd. For example, if the subscriber spent 100 minutes playing Unleashd games in one month, spending 70 minutes in Game A and 30 minutes in Game B, publisher A would get 70% and publisher B would get 30% of this share.

The platform will go live in 2020. It will initially be available on Android devices via the Google Play store.