The New Zealand Game Developers Association posted findings from its survey on the country’s games industry. The industry generated NZ$203 million ($131 million) in 2019, more than doubling from 2017’s NZ$99.9 million ($64.3 million).

It’s also up 43 percent from 2018 when the video game market brought in NZ$143 million ($92.1 million).

96 percent of the country’s gaming income come from international sales.

The study looked at 39 studios creating interactive, gaming, VR, AR and educational content companies that employ 683 people.

Ten biggest studios account for 93% of the industry revenue. They also employ 77% of the entire workforce.

And here’s how various roles in the industry compare percentage-wise:

  • 31% – programmers;
  • 29% – artists;
  • 24% – game designers or producers;
  • 12% – management or marketing.