Remember how back in August LCG Entertainment resurrected Telltale Games? The new studio is now bringing back one of Telltale’ most beloved titles. The Wolf Among Us 2 is officially in development, as announced at The Game Awards.

Wolf Among Us 2

When LCG Entertainment purchased the original Telltale’s brand and assets, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, among others, expressed concern that the brand alone would not be able to replicate the trademark narrative magic the original studio is famous for.

Well, good news on that front too. Telltale has teamed up with LA-based AdHoc Studio, a company formed in late 2018 by former Telltale Games employees. AdHoc will co-develop the second season of The Wolf Among Us.

Specifically, directors Nick Herman and Dennis Lenart, along with writer Pierre Shorette will return to work on the narrative and cinematic direction. Adam Harrington will again voice Bigby Wolf, and Erin Yvette will come back as Snow White. The original’s composer Jared Emerson-Johnson is also attached to the project. Telltale Games’ ex-VP of engineering, Zac Litton, has also stepped in as the new Telltale’s chief technology officer.

As VentureBeat reports, the new Telltale is approaching other former Telltale employees.

“The Wolf Among Us is one of the most beloved titles in the Telltale catalog, so we are thrilled to announce that development on Wolf 2 has again started and assure all of the series’ fans that it is in good hands,” said Jamie Ottilie, the CEO of LCG Entertainment/Telltale, in a statement. “Partnering with AdHoc Studio enables us to work with many of the key creative and development talent from the original Wolf series while strategically growing the new Telltale.”

Jamie Ottilie, CEO at LCG Entertainment/Telltale

The new installment in The Wolf Among Us series is being developed on the Unreal Engine. It will keep the familiar episodic structure and will be a temporary EGS exclusive. No release date just yet, as the game has just entered the preproduction stage.

The original Wolf Among Us, equally loved by players and critics, got nominations for BAFTA and DICE Awards under its belt, along with awards for Game Direction and some of the performances.