Call of Duty: Mobile has become the fastest mobile title ever to reach 100 million downloads.

According to Sensor Tower, 56.9 million of those came from iOS accounting for 55.7 percent of the total. Android users installed the game 45.3 million times (44.3 percent of the total download count). That breaks the record previously held by Mario Kart Tour with its 90 million downloads in its launch week.


Players spent the total of $17.7 million in Call of Duty: Mobile. iOS players are responsible for $9.1 million in revenue (53 percent), while the owners of Android devices spent $8.3 million (47 percent).

The US is the game’s biggest market with $7.6 million in revenue and nearly 17.3 downloads.

Call of Duty: Mobile by far outperformed its battle royale rivals both in the first-week revenue and downloads.


Fortnite was only downloaded 22.5 million times in its first week and brought in $2.3 million during its App Store-only launch. PUBG Mobile was installed by 28 million players but only started monetizing two months after launch. When it did, players spent under $600,000 over seven days following the introduction of spending features.

By all metrics, Call of Duty: Mobile is off to a very strong start, and that’s even without China where the game is not available. Currently, the new mobile hit is in top 10 charts across 45 countries.