Indie games supported by the fund will be released under the K-Project brand. 5% of their revenue will return to the fund and will be invested in the development of new games.

Publishers are interested in “riskier” indie strategy titles (what Slitherine means by that is not specifically clear). With the help of K-Project, the company wants to help strategy games stand out in the market.

To receive funding, the developer must provide a demo, a gameplay video or a vertical slice. According to the publisher, all IP rights will remain with the original creators

Slitherine expects 4-5 games per year to be released under the K-Project label. Three projects are already participating in the initiative: Tactical Troops: Anthracite Shift from QED Games and two more unannounced titles.

Slitherine is a British publisher behind Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm and the Command series. The company also holds rights to Fantasy General and Master of Magic franchises.