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History of video games market visualized

Visual Capitalist has posted a cool infographic highlighting game-changer moments in the history of video games. It also visualizes the dynamics of gaming revenues culminating in $165 billion in 2020.


How Steam Week 1 revenue compares to Month 1, Year 1-5.

Simon Carless posted the results of the Steam revenue survey, which around 100 developers took part in. The survey asked about the gross revenue generated on Steam in Week 1, and then asked ‘what multiple of that revenue did…


Fortnite US revenue falls 52% YoY

This summer saw a sharp decline in Fortnite viewership on Twitch. As it turns out, the game’s revenue in the US has also been on the decline. In July, it generated 52% less than the…

Roguelike Archero grosses $8.5m in first month

In mid-May, Archero, a game published by Singapore-based company Habby, hit mobile stores. Within a month, the game has reached 10m installs and brought in over eight million dollars in revenue, according to DataMagic.

Artifact developers discuss its revenue model

Artifact, a digital collectible card game, developed and published by Valve, lost 95% of players within 2 months since its release in November 2018. This happened despite the praise from the critics. One of the…