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PUBG Mobile fully blocked in India

PUBG Corp. is discontinuing all access to PUBG Mobile in India on October 30. This is despite the company’s decision to withdraw the publishing rights from Tencent in the country. The talks with the local publishers have also failed.


Trump approves US TikTok deal

A new twist in the TikTok drama. President Donald Trump has approved a deal between China’s ByteDance and US companies Oracle and Walmart. Following the deal, the owners of the app will set up a company called TikTok Global headquartered in the United States, which…


China’s gamers population is 720 million strong

According to a new study by market researcher Niko Partners, there are 720 million gamers in China. 75 percent of those live outside the biggest cities. On a related note, smaller cities generate around 70% of game revenue.