šŸš€ Nintendo Switch reportedly outsells Wii in Japan

According to Game Data Library,Ā the Nintendo Switch has sold 12,801,240 units in Japan, surpassingĀ the Wii’s 12,739,002 lifetime sales. It’s also worth mentioning thatĀ the Switch has been on the market for three years, while it took…


šŸš€ Avalanche Studios rebranded

The Just Cause makers have rebranded as Avalanche Studios Group. The change has been made in the recognition of the companyā€™s three ā€˜creative divisionsā€™: Avalanche Studios, Expansive Worlds, and Systemic Reaction.

gdc (1)

šŸš€ GDC 2020 talks available on Twitch and GDC Vault

While GDC organizers announced that the show would be postponed until summer, some of theĀ talks were streamed last week as part of GDC Virtual Talks. Now they are availableĀ onĀ TwitchĀ or via theĀ GDC VaultĀ for free.


Konami denies Silent Hill comeback rumors

In mid-March, rumors surfaced that two Silent Hill games might be in development. One is allegedly a soft reboot made by the creators of the original games including director and writer of the 1999 Silent…