Nation of gamers

The US is on its way to becoming a nation of gamers. Their share of the entire US population reached 73 percent (last year, 67 percent played games, that we know of).

That’s according to the findings of a survey that NPD Group analysts conducted among 5,000 US residents aged 2 and older.

The audience is growing, and so are people’s expenses on games (both in terms of money and time), writes.

That’s what video games cost people:

  • 11% of the money that the consumer spends on entertainment;
  • 17% of the time they devote to entertainment (most of the respondents play every or almost every day on mobile devices).

Separately, NPD Group focuses on children aged 2 to 17:

  • over a third of young gamers spend more time in games than they did a year ago;
  • 20% spend more money on them than they did a year ago.

“Kids are becoming a more influential part of the gaming marketplace thanks to games such as Fortnite and Minecraft, assisted by the growing influence of YouTube and Twitch,” said industry analyst Mat Piscatella.

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